we have our own Shuttle Less Dobby & Jacquard Looms with Production Capacity of 500,000.00 Lbs per month. The plant is well equipped and sourced from various reputed European manufacturers,where the terry fabrics is being waved on regular basis, under the observation of high qualified technical staff. The Cotton yarn comes from our modern spinning mill where yarn is tailor-made for terry towels weaving. Around 100 looms are running during whole year on sub-contract basis in different units of Karachi to meet our exports requirements.



We have your complete dyeing solutions in house with dryer and tumble dryer.
We have installed the effluent treatment facilities to ensure that all wastage material is absolutely free from hazardous and toxic ingredients.

Computerized process of colors & shades matching. Our invertors controlled dyeing machines with a color kitchen ensure consistency and fastness of shades. The company has a policy use only well reputed firm chemical's product for customers' satisfaction.

We consider our standards of quality to be our competitive edge.

Finishing Department.

At Hussain Towels, every piece are manufactured by us is inspected for Size, GSM, Hemming, Absorbency, Shrinkage & Color fastness.

At different stages of manufacturing the product is checked regularly utilizing the most advanced equipment to tailor the need of the customers.

Hussain Towels specializes in quality stitching of only best threads available.

Terry Towels produced by us, are comparable with the best available in the world.
We believe you will find our goods of supreme quality with durability.

Embroidery Department.

Hussain Towels offering complete manufacturing designs and process services from start to finish. What ever the designs are required.

The orders are entertain with customers requirements and new designs can be recommended.


Hussain Towels is one of the Pakistan based company manufacturing and exporting textiles in international market.

Hussain Towels has textile safety, health and environment in general and customer's satisfaction particular.

Dyes and chemicals used free from every toxic material.

In every matter, make sure industry produce items always follow international standards.


Hussain Towels has well furnished offices with trained and qualified staff.
All departments are facilitated with computer facility Internet connection and interlinked with each other through local area network.

Computer soft wares are installed to control and monitor accounts on regular basis.

Besides all, management's cooperation and support is always with their employees.

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