Quality assurance

Our technically advanced quality control department plays a vital role in maintaining the reputation of textile products in the international market.

Equipped with the latest technology and highly trained and competent quality control officials, armed with strict quality control procedures.

Hussain Towels believes that the technical, administrative and human factors will not effect the products or services.

"Quality" first. At Color band, this statement manifests itself in management, manufacturing, people and products. No stone is left unturned in our quest to have and be the best. Our commitment to quality had served as well and has own us the confidence of consumers throughout the world.

We assure your trust on our quality will continue in future.
Doors are always open for you.

Quality Standards

All the yarn for our weaving is 100% tested as per international yarn testing standards.

All the gray fabrics is 100% inspected with our in house quality inspection standards (which are part of our quality management)

To maintain international standards of dyes & chemicals, we have get packing, in line inspection and final inspection.

Above all we do care of customer's Satisfaction.


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